Control of Weight:

We voluntarily deposit the amount of metal and therefore the weight- price of each piece.  The client decides the amount of metal in each piece , looking for the balance wished between quality and cost.

Manufacture to size:

It does not exist minimum nor maximum to produce ,  ideal for prototypes , but also for series.

Investment in moulds:

A high initial investment does not exist to realise a sample or a series.

Without welds:

We obtain very complex forms of a single piece, without later assemblies nor welds. We save unnecessary costs and we gained quality.

Finished facility of:

Due to the deposited metal (Ag, 999.9 mls.) and to the form to realise it (GALVANIC WAY) we obtain a superficial quality smooth uniform and, easy to polish and with total porosity absence.


We work with electrolytic silver of 999.9 mls., that will offer its authentic colour to us because don’t exist any alloy that distorts it.